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Sally oversees the delivery of the programs. She is a fully Certified Tennis Canada Coach 3, with a wealth of teaching & playing experience.


She has won 17 National Age-group Titles in both singles & doubles, has represented Canada as player & captain, has taught daughter Sarah to a WTA world ranking in 300's. 


Sally is passionate about her coaching which is very evident  in her lessons.

Husband Adrian, also a fully Certified Tennis Canada Coach 3, has years of experience as a coach, player,  author, seminar leader, etc.


He was travelling coach to daughter Sarah when she was competing.

Who else does the teaching?

Our Assistant Coaches are Tennis Canada Certified Coaches who have been chosen and trained in Sally's unique methods.


They are excellent players in their own right, and have worked with Sally over indoor and outdoor seasons.

New Addition to Coaching Staff

9 January 2016


Former WTA world ranked player Sarah Coles joins TWS as a Head Coach, specialising in inspiring juniors to develop all round confidence in their tennis.


In her travels, Sarah has experienced world class training from headline coaches, in Spain, Argentina, Florida, and Great Britain.


Sarah is also qualified as an Advanced Personal Trainer, and has students from many different sporting discipline.   Check out her website:

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