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Whilst watching their children taking classes, many parents told us they would like to either learn, or restart their own game, so they could enjoy playing as a family in the future.


Combining adult classes at the same time as junior lessons proved very popular for all concerned, and is something we are proud to continue.


This is a great age to start! We focus on developing motor skills, and hand-eye co-ordination through movement and tennis related activities.


Sally's philosophy demands 'building on successes' and the goal is for every child to leave knowing they have learned or improved something. Success is motivating, so they will be keen to come back and learn more!

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Registration is open. Places are filled on a first-come first-paid basis. Registration is done online only, and payment is handled through Pay Pal.

Q: How big are the classes?


A: Our classes are small. Our optimal coach to player ratio for the juniors is 1:6.


Small groups mean more structured learning & more individual attention.

Q:Can my child try it out to see whether she will like it?

A: Yes, of course.   We can send you a no-obligation Free Trial invitation once the lessons have begun.

Q:Are children grouped by age, ability, or experience?


A: Initially by age. 5-7yrs 7-10yrs, 10-12 yrs, & 13+, and adults (over 18).

Our aim is to find the most suitable class for them, given all the factors. So we may  move a student to a more suitable group if deemed more beneficial.

Q: How do I register?

A: Registration is done online only. Click button for form.


The years between 7 and 10 are important for youngsters to develop fine motor skills, balance, and co-ordination, as well as their application to tasks, and their ability to stay focused. Again, we build on successes, adapting to the needs of the students. We reinforce correct technique and encourage them to challenge their boundaries.

Our goal with the 10 to 12 age group is to encourage healthy activity, with focus on movement, agility, sound technical development, cooperative practice, and confidence building.

Tactics and strategy will be introduced through competitive game playing.

For this 13+ age group we place students in appropriate groups depending on skill level and experience.

For the more experienced the focus is on technical development and footwork, with lots of movement and hitting drills. A worthwhile goal for many is to play on their High School team.

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