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Originally our classes were only for juniors. Some parents saw their children improving so much and enjoying it, they said can we learn too!  


For newcomers our system makes learning easier and faster .We work on basic stroke technique, to build a solid foundation. The lower compression balls make for easier control at the start.


One big advantage is our 'Wall Partner' practice system. It has been shown that you can hit more balls in 30 minutes against a wall than you can in 3 normal sets of doubles!

Our 'Variable Layout System' means we can maintain high intensity, high energy and variety by incorporating practice station circuits.


These can include footwork, agility, flexibility, endurance, resistance training, which can all be performed at your own level.

A 'waiting parent' class is held at the same time as their child is taking their own class. Take advantage of this time and do something for yourself!


Think of all those precious moments in the future when you could be sharing active time together! Priceless!

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