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Private Lessons

  • ideal for students who prefer individual sports

  • for those who benefit from focused attention

  • those who thrive from a higher level of challenge

  • when individualised instruction is most appropriate

  • for those keen on expert instruction





Q: How long are the lessons?

A: Private lessons are offered in 30 minute slots. This appeals to younger students, and to those who are taking group lessons.  Those who are keen to do more, older students, and those not taking group lessons, book 1 hour sessions.

Q: Who teaches private lessons?

A:  Our Head Coach team consists of Sally Coles, (see Bio),  & Adrian Coles, also a Tennis Canada Certified Level 3 Coach. They are very experienced, and have been active coaches for over 40 years.

Private Lessons are an ideal way of learning tennis for students with a busy and varied schedule. Our years of teaching experience mean we can focus in on the most important elements and instill good technique far quicker. We are experienced with students who require extra attention to help them focus on the tasks at hand. We find that students who prefer individual rather than team sports thrive in this environment.

Adrian's Bio

Q: Are private lessons booked for the entire Winter Session?

A: Yes. Your lesson time is confirmed for the same time each week for the Winter session?

Q: When are private lessons available?

A: Programs are available on the weekends. Private lesson times are scheduled on those days. Please contact Sally to arrange mutually convenient times.


Q:How do I book private  lessons?

A: Click below to submit your first, and second time and day choices, and we will confirm your request. Available times  are allotted on a first-come-first-paid basis.

Q:What are the fees? *

A: The Head Coach fee for 30 mins. is $48.

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